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Cover Up Face Coverings


Q. Will the mask/face covering protect me from COVID-19?

A. NO​. These face coverings act to aid to reduce of transmission only

Q. Do they offer as much protection as the N95 mask?

A. NO. N95 masks are for professional health care workers

Q. Why should we use these & not N95 or surgical masks?

A. Professional surgical masks are in short supply & are needed in the healthcare system. By using cloth masks you will be helping take the burden off the supply chain. These masks are washable & can be Re Used.

Q. How are the masks made?

A. Each mask is compromised of 2 layers with the inner layer being 100% cotton & the outer being at least 50%cotton. they are machine sewn together & elastic is then machine sewn into the fabric. 

Q. Why are you asking for a £4 Donation?

A. All Profits from the face coverings will be donated to varying good causes within the community as well as The Miners Lamp food bank