Ridiculous hack for stopping high heels rubbing using felt tip brutally mocked online

Wearing high heels for a night out can be painful and people are constantly on the lookout for tips and tricks to stop them running

Social media is filled with handy hacks promising to make your life easier in a few minutes using a load of stuff you’ve already got in the kitchen cupboard.

While some of them are great some are a bit, well, rubbish.

But one has left many Facebook users scratching their heads as it’s utterly baffling – and nobody can work out if it’s a serious suggestion.

In a video shared on the social media platform, the creator offers a handy hint to stop strappy high heels from rubbing on the little toe – sounds great, right? Don’t get too excited…

It suggests taking the toe out of the strap and simply drawing a line on the skin where it should it with a felt tip pen in a matching colour.

Users were quick to comment on the hack, and it doesn’t sound like they’re going to rush and try it.

One wrote: “Wow! I mean look at all these great hacks…how lucky are we to now have internet and share these gawdawful ideas.”

Another commented: “If I saw someone colour their toe to fit in ashoe .. that would be the end of that friendship. Absolutely not.”

A third replied: “Women better not start drawing an extra strap on a pinky toe.”

While people weren’t fans of the first idea in the video, some of the others went down a little better.

Another hack that has raised eyebrows (but not literally) this week is a woman’s trick for looking younger using tape.

Kat, a trained esthetician and skincare expert, regularly shares beauty tips and tricks on her TikTok @shinebeautymalibu, which currently has more than 268,000 followers.

In her most recent video, she said: “In the beauty world we like to use the terms involuntary movement and voluntary movement, meaning you can voluntary move your eyebrows and make expressions but that often we involuntary do it.

“You have no idea how often you do this in a day and all those involuntary movements cause lines and wrinkles that you will have for the rest of your life.

“I was introduced to something called tape training.”

In the clip, she starts by cutting four bits of tape to around two inches in length.

To a clean and dry face, she applies the tape in the spot right in between her eyebrows.

Then, she put a piece of tape horizontally above each eyebrow.

The final piece should be placed across the middle of your forward, again horizontally.

The noise that the tape makes when you involuntarily frown or move your forehead will encourage you not to make these expressions, which, over time will help to prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

She recommends people start “tape training” from their early twenties, as it can help decrease lines becoming deeper.